Barco expands creative possibilities with R10 flexible displays

The company has announced the launch of R-series, the new LED screen technology for outdoor applications. Referred to as ‘digital media canvas’, the technology is described as radically different from traditional LED displays. The line-up is currently presented with the 10mm pixel pitch R10 model, which is the first one to be introduced within the family.

According to a press release, the R10 displays feature thin, lightweight, and bendable design. With the minimum need for supporting structure, the displays can be attached to virtually any surface, including the curved ones. The flexible design allows for the display to be wrapped around a curved surface, thus minimizing architectural constraints.

The R-series features lightweight (less than 6kg/m2) and ultra-thin (5mm thick, including louvers) profile, which makes them 75% lighter than a traditional LED display, Barco said. The R10 is offered in sheets up to 4.68 meters long for larger surfaces to be covered at once, which is aimed to save installation time and reduce costs.

Venue owners, advertisers, and retailers are faced with the ever-challenging task of catching the attention of consumers and visitors. With our revolutionary R-series digital media canvas, we free designers from the limitations of traditional LED displays, making their message stand out in venues and installations that were impossible before,” - comments Chris Colpaert, VP LED at Barco. “We are expanding creative possibilities far beyond traditional LED applications. With the R-series, eye-catching LED visualization can now be installed in applications and on surfaces that were previously impossible, like curved façades, subway station tunnels or creative stage sets. It's bendable, lightweight, and ultra-thin design ensures smooth and quick installation, driving down setup time and cost.

R-series has all cabling, control, and power electronics fully integrated within every sheet, with all cabling located at one end of the LED sheet. This, the company says, enables integration in a simple cladding and eliminates the need for a laser-cut structure behind the display to hide all the electronics. Moreover, the power supply unit can be located up to 10 meters away for easy servicing.

The R-series is controlled by the company's proprietary Infinipix image processing platform. The system has a web-based interface, which enables display configuration, control, monitoring, and maintenance from any device, both on-site and off-site.

Barco will showcase the R-series digital media canvas at the InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas, booth № C8720. The series will be available for shipping from Q3 2016 onwards, the company said.

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