NanoLumens to fit out their LED screens with AWARE platform

The company has announced the launch of AWARE platform, which is a cloud-based CMS for LED signage. Described as the World’s First Fully Integrated Intelligent Display Platform, AWARE incorporates real-time remote diagnostics, media playing, and optimized software applications in one system.

According to NanoLumens, the development of AWARE was prompted by the need of a simple, purpose-built solution that combines software and player set-up to meet the needs of its customers. With the launch of the product the company claims to stand itself apart from LED competitors: “Our software-enabled hardware creates a path that gives customers and partners a more useful solution for the entire lifecycle of their displays,” – commented the company’s Vice President of Corporate Development Nate Remmes. “AWARE is a win-win for the entire industry — customers, developers, marketers, and consumers. Everyone benefits from the development of this platform.

Designed especially to manage LED-based signage, AWARE’s functionality includes: 

  • a cloud-based CMS that allows for real-time diagnostics and remote access;
  • media player powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, running Google Android OS;
  • support of HTML5;
  • open API for third party-developed applications.

We built our system on APIs because we want to make sure that we are adaptable to existing AV eco-systems, while giving our AV integrator and service providers a wholly useful tool,” - stressed Remmes. “We understand that our partners have a greater opportunity for choice in LED, and we want to make sure we are providing them with a solution that is easier to manage, easier to deploy, and provides more value to the end user.

The product has been developed through the NanoLumens’ partnerships with Admobilize, , Navori, and Screenfeed.

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