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PixelFLEX expands their portfolio with new products

Nashville-based LED video manufacturer has recently introduced the TrueFLEX 1.9mm flexible LED and a weather-rated FLEXStorm LED video technology.

The TrueFLEX product is designed for permanent indoor applications that require a high-resolution LED video screen in a flexible format. The technology allows for a seamless assembling of curved video walls that could be attached to virtually any surface because of its slim and lightweight design, the company said. The pixel pitch options include 1.9, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 6 and 10mm indoor models. 

TrueFLEX flexible indoor LED productThe TrueFLEX series comes in a 400mm by 300mm form factor with front and rear accessibility. It features magnetic lock system along with set screw ports and a fanless design for a noiseless operation, according to a press release.

As one of our most innovative LED video solutions, we are very excited to be introducing the addition of the 1.9mm resolution to the TrueFLEX family of creative LED panels,” - said David Venus, PixelFLEX Director of Marketing. “In many environments, commercial, architectural and creative, the resolution is a key component to the success of the LED video deployment. With its new 1.9mm pixel pitch option, TrueFLEX is now one of the highest resolution, flexible LED products on the market and we are eager to see how video designers deploy the technology to achieve their creative LED video displays.

The FLEXStorm LED video technology is billed as an all-weather solution designed for outdoor advertising, entertainment, and much more. The series feature an intelligent, auto-correcting light sensor control system, which PixelFLEX says allows for variable brightness options throughout day and night within 6500-7500 Nits range.

The FLEXStorm displays use a cloud-based content management system for a quick and easy update. The series comes in several cabinet sizes with fully front-serviceable panels and 100% watertight data and power connections, a press release said.

Operating in an outdoor environment presents numerous design challenges for permanently installed outdoor LED video displays,” - commented Venus. “Understanding how to overcome these challenges, the FLEXStorm design engineers have created a truly remarkable system that allows flexibility of choice including the ability to sense the ideal brightness based upon the weather conditions and then self-adjust for an optimum LED video display.

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