Mitsubishi adds direct view LED to display line-up

Mitsubishi Electric announced that their 1.5mm NPP production model is now available for shipping.

Designed specifically for control rooms and other demanding indoor applications such as TV studio backdrops, the VS-15NP160 (15-NP) incorporates many of the key technologies of its existing DLP and LCD displays, along with several patented features designed to enhance long-term reliability, energy efficiency and performance.

The 15-NP is based on a 1.5mm pitch, 3-in-1 SMD LED package developed especially for this application by Mitsubishi Electric, using over 30 years of experience derived from its Diamond Vision outdoor screen system. Displays are assembled on site as required from individual LED units measuring 480mm x 540mm. Construction is designed to be quick and easy. LED units feature standard OPS slots, which can accommodate OPS 3G-SDI-input boards or OPS HDBaseT inputs for long-distance signal transmission via CAT6(STP) cable. Dual-loop signal inputs and redundant power supplies ensure the display will continue to function in the unlikely event of an LED unit power failure.

Dynamic power consumption features actively monitor image luminance and adjust power output accordingly to optimize power consumption and reduce operator eye-fatigue - a critical factor in control room applications not addressed by general purpose direct view LED displays. Mitsubishi has also incorporated the Natural Color Matrix system found in its DLP products into the 15-NP, along with a specially developed 2-dimensional noise reduction system to reduce visible noise in compressed content such as MPEG video.


Tags: Mitsubishi Electric, NPP technology