FTX LED billboards

Formetco gives a new vision of billboards with FTX

Formetco, one of the leading companies in the billboard industry, announced the launch of LED digital billboards.

The series were developed with due regard for customers’ feedback to prevent the most common failures reported by billboard owners and outdoor advertising companies. The FTX signs are supplied with the exclusive 10-year brightness warranty and outperform competing products many times due to their advanced technical specifications, the company said.

"The FTX was designed to be a superior billboard among any other billboard product in the world. Our objective is to take both owner and advertiser satisfaction to new heights," said Todd Heller, VP, Formetco, in the announcement.

The FTX LED digital billboards are assembled with LED tiles featuring 20mm and 16mm pixel pitch. Instead of standard cabinet structure a grid-based design is used for simpler and faster installation. Utilization of single bin LEDs along with unique pixel configuration allows for better image quality and longer lifespan, the company states.

Having significantly reduced the number of wires and connections, Formetco contributes in product’s dependability: the FTX LED digital billboards claim to have 50% to 75% fewer connections than any other LED product available today. The lower power consumption is achieved by efficient power distribution system and the absence of fans.

The FTX billboards are available in five sizes, for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The FTX technology can be integrated into existing billboard structural framing, enabling billboards’ owners to upgrade their sign without replacing the whole system.

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