OLED LookThru adds to Planar transparent displays

Having showcased a technology demonstrator at ISE 2015,  announced its LookThru OLED display line-up will be available in February 2016 and is ready for pre-ordering.

The OLED technology is an offshoot of see-through displays solutions which Planar has been working on since 1990’s. Based on Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, the LookThru transparent series does not need a backlight or enclosure resulting in a slim, open screen. The frameless design inaccessible with LCD transparent options allows for truly clear, unobstructed views of objects behind the display, the company said. The display features 45 percent light transmissivity enabling overlaying videos, images, and text onto real objects or scenes behind the glass.

Clear Concept Awards design competition from PlanarThe self-emissive display has a 55-inch diagonal and is described as offering superior picture quality, exceptional contrast and wide viewing angles with no off-axis contrast. Combined with Planar’s image processing system, the display can be tiled to create large-scale video wall installations, the company said.  

The product comes in two mechanical configurations – a model for table-top or ceiling-mounted installations as well as a model for flush-mounted installations. Both models are said to feature interactivity option offering 32 simultaneous touch points.

According to Planar, the display features high durability achieved by the company’s proprietary Extended Ruggedness and Optics (ERO) technology. For better results, it is combined with a damage-resistant optically clear Corning Gorilla Glass bonded to the front surface of the display. The combination is said to improve perceived contrast by more than 300 percent when compared to traditional large format cover glass.

The LookThru OLED display technology was introduced at Xlab 2015 and will be on display at InfoComm Connections New York on the 11th – 12th of November. To raise awareness of the product and encourage ideas for its new applications, Planar initiated a Clear Concept Awards competition, co-sponsored by the SEGD and Digital Signage Expo. The event is described as the first-ever OLED transparent display design competition, created to stimulate innovative uses of this breakthrough technology.

Requirements for entry include a sketch or rendering that demonstrates a specific use of an OLED transparent display that is both technically feasible and illustrates creative innovation. Submissions must also include a sketch or sample of the on-screen content and user experience. The winner will be granted with a newly debuted OLED display from Planar as well as a trip to Las-Vegas for two to attend the DSE 2016, with the organizers covering all the expenses. The entries must be submitted before the 8th of January 2016.

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