Samsung takes customers’ experience to a new level with Mirror and Transparent OLED panels

Retail Asia Expo 2015 held June 09-11 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was marked by Samsung Display Co. Ltd. presenting its new Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels. Both displays are intended for retail outlets to create an engaging “virtual fitting room” and incorporate the technology from Intel®.

55-inch exhibited displays featured a “virtual necklace” from Chow Sang Sang Jewelry Company. The technology enabled visitors to try the virtual necklace on while standing in front of the mirrored screen.

Samsung Mirror OLED display The new Samsung Display OLED panel technology provides a digital viewing platform for making the consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging, the company said. With the Intel® RealSense™ technology on board the displays feature a no-contact highly responsive interface that captures hands’ gestures, head motions as well as recognizes changes in face expression. Moreover, the technology distinguishes between backgrounds and foregrounds and allows for the background changing after a photo has been taken.

According to the company’s statement, the Mirror OLED display has more than 75 percent reflectance level, a 100 percent color gamut and exceptionally short response time that is less than one millisecond. These specifications set the Mirror OLED display apart from the competitive Mirror LCDs, the company pointed out.

Like the Mirror Display, the Transparent OLED Display also features the gesture and voice control of Intel® RealSense™ 3D-rotatable viewing systems. The Transparent Display is stated to have a higher color gamut, better clarity and wider viewing angles comparing to transparent LCDs. Samsung envisages the displays to be used in high-end signage applications as well as to enhance consumer-facing displays in car dealerships.

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