Walmart Katy Perry final performance.

GoVision LED screens at Walmart celebration

, the Texas-based supplier of LED video displays solutions, provided LED backdrop for the Walmart Shareholders Meeting. The project consisted of nearly 400 square meters of LED video equipment, including screens and floor panels.

The stage arena was clad in LED screens, with three 4.5m by 4.5m 10mm VISS LED panels installed on the floor and a large centerpiece dominating the scene. This was composed of twin chevrons screens measuring 11.2m by 6.4m and configured in a book-like design. Below the main screens was a pair of lower screens – each spanning 8m by 2.7m – that formed a wedge. These were flanked by a center screen measuring 1.5m by 2.7m that moved on a track to allow Walmart executives to walk out onto the stage. The technology consisted of a lightweight GV6 tile featuring 6mm pixel pitch.

Additional upstage GV6 screens measured 10.3m by 3.6m and flanked the stage right and left along with a pair of I-MAG 8.2m by 5.4m GV6 screens.

The three-day event was held at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and organized by LEO Events agency. The event began on the 31st of May and featured part business and part celebration program with daytime business sessions and ticketed evening concerts.

As you might imagine, Walmart goes all out when it comes to its Shareholders Meeting, and that gave us the opportunity to get very creative with a huge array of LED panels,” - said Brady Haass, Vice President of Client Services for GoVision. “Working closely with LEO Events, we were able to design and deploy some truly awesome screen configurations that made every seat in Bud Walton Arena a great one.

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