GoVision to support inauguration of US President

The company will provide 11 LED screens to support the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The inaugural ceremonies will take place on Friday, the 20th of January, in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Total over 200 square meters of LED screens of mobile and modular design will be located around the Capitol to enable viewers to enjoy the ceremonies. According to a press release, the mobile screens are comprised of 10mm CF (carbon fiber) tiles, and the modular LED screens are configured from 6mm tiles. The video signal from the U.S. Capitol to each of the screens will be sent by the wireless transmitters, which are also supplied by the GoVision’s team.

We will be taking our screens to more than 1,000 events across North America this year, but none carries more historical significance or will be viewed by more people worldwide than a Presidential Inauguration,” - said Chris Curtis, the company's founder, and CEO. “We’re honored to be entrusted with this extraordinary responsibility for the fourth time, and we look forward to providing the huge crowds with a front-row seat to the ceremony.

The screens will be arrayed throughout the Capitol as follows:

U.S. Capitol Steps – two G16 mobile units of 4.8m by 10m each
Reflecting Pool – two GV6 modular screens of 2.7m by 4.8m each mounted on scaffolding
3rd Street – GV6 modular screen of 2.7m by 4.8m mounted on scaffolding
Peace Circle – G6 mobile unit of 2.7m by 4.8m
Garfield Circle – G6 mobile unit of 2.7m by 4.8m
Grant Memorial – two G4 mobile units of 2.7m by 4.8m each
Opposite side of U.S. Capitol – two G4 mobile units of 2.7m by 4.8m each

The company will also provide additional LED screens across the city for the Trump Inauguration, including a mobile LED unit of 4.2m by 7.3ΠΌ for a private party at the Canadian Embassy, according to a press release.

GoVision LED modular walls and custom-built mobile video units

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