PixelFLEX displays create a trade show experience for Novartis

13 LED video elements were used to create a dynamic booth design for Novartis, a global healthcare company, to exhibit at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Louisiana. The project was delivered by design company Xibita together with WorldWide Events.

The design included versatile LED video surfaces, in particular, LED archway and LED towers. The project was carried out using FLEXLite and FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm LED, and FLEXTour 2.8mm LED video technologies, according to a release.

One of our biggest challenges was trying to find a company that could provide all of the LED video elements needed within our budget and timeframe,” - explained Hanif Muljiani, President of Xibita. “We only had about eight weeks to build the display, and with that much technology, it definitely required everyone to work together to make it happen. For the technology, we needed a small pixel pitch and high resolution for the elements that would be viewed close-up, plus we needed video elements capable of working with the curved structures to create the archway that would be a focal point in the design. PixelFLEX has a significant amount of innovative inventory, and they helped us bring the whole project together.

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