Renewed Vision software drives interactive US media exhibit

The John C Maxwell Leadership Center at 12Stone Church in Atlanta has a new interactive media exhibit driven by Renewed Vision’s ProVideoPlayer 2 (PVP2) software.

The exhibit celebrates Maxwell’s legacy through interactive AV presentations across an immersive videowall controllable from several user stations.

Atlanta-based production and systems integration company Velocity Productions built the videowall on a curved wall, using a custom mounting system to cleanly integrate multiple 46in Barco monitors in a four-wide, three-tall configuration.

"We primarily selected PVP2 for its low cost and ease of use, ensuring long-term value and a quick return on investment," said Brian Morrison, director of AV integration, Velocity Productions. "It’s affordable, and straightforward operationally. The layouts are appealing, and the playlists are easy to create and manage. Simply put, we wanted something that works well on a daily basis and provides the quality of other high-end playback systems on the market – without the expense. That said, PVP2 is enabling the centre to achieve some very interesting applications."

"PVP2 really gave us the flexibility to align the layouts and content to the screens, which was not easy given the unusual videowall format," said Morrison. "The software provides a level of adjustability without complexity. While there is a feature that allows us to add layers for a richer output, we’re outputting a simple setup of layers where we’re matching outputs to signals coming and out. But, we could make every single screen unique, and that ability to adjust moving forward is pertinent to its long-term value."

"Beyond that, the interoperability between PVP2 and Savant Systems was key in really taking the experience to a higher level," added Morrison. "Visitors to the centre benefit the most, using our custom iOS app to watch and listen to presentations across several personal stations. In the future, we anticipate adding 4K content to the video wall, which PVP2 natively supports. We see many interesting opportunities with this installation moving forward."