Advanced LED video wall calculator from Planar

Planar launched a for its customers to simplify the process of LED display selection. A free, online tool helps visualize an LED display in various environments prior of making a purchase.

The tool is designed for the , a series of ultra-fine pitch direct view LED displays presented at DSE 2015.

The calculator features simple, intuitive interface. The customers have to fill three forms specifying a room, displays, and content configuration. According to these data, the tool models an environment for the display to be installed. Specification details of the chosen LED screen are displayed below with an option to compare two models for better choice. 

Customers can upload their image or video to preview how the content will look like on the given display. The tool is accessible from a range of devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets without any software installation.

The new Planar DirectLight LED Video Wall Calculator joins an outstanding collection of online tools from Planar, allowing for the free and easy visualization of video walls that’s second to none,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing and product strategy at Planar Systems. “These tools help resellers to speed up the sales process and designers and architects to complete their work more efficiently—demonstrating our ongoing commitment to excellence.

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