Digital billboard technology enhanced with DB-5000 series

has announced the advancement of its digital billboard technology with innovative DB-5000 series. The product is described as featuring enhanced image quality, high reliability and lowered TCO, the company said. Supplementing the DB-5000 package is the Venus Control Suite software developed for out of home (OOH) advertising.

According to Daktronics, the DB-5000 series incorporates high-quality LEDs from the leading manufacturer for optimal light output, better contrast and reduced power consumption.    

Delivering designs that incorporate our customer's feedback and the latest technology has always been our development focus”, - explained Lori Sieler, the company’s product manager. “The DB-5000 series leverages new LEDs that build on our commitment to delivering the highest image quality and display uniformity.”  

The DB-5000 series also feature cloud managed networking and security; browser-based software; front and rear serviceability; integrated SmartLink remote power control; three proprietary methods of calibration.

The Venus display control software is designed for mobile use and operates through a secure, web-based interface, the company said. The management system is compatible with all kind of digital billboards, regardless of the manufacturer, and provides access to Daktronics scheduling model.

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