NanoLumens introduces new 1.25mm LED product

The company debuted its new 1.25mm pixel pitch LED video solution, which is described as the world’s first 100% front installable and front serviceable LED display with a “touch-free” technology.

The display is said to feature precise alignment technology and an updated system layout that supports an exact 1920 RGB pixel wide by 1080 RGB pixel high, a final display of any resolution in 384 X 360 increments. According to a press release, it could be easily installed in the space-restricted environments enabling the “direct to wall mounting” at a depth of less than 4-inches. The display comes with a decorative back for optional hanging applications.

The solution features the company’s patented magnetic Nixel attachment methods and perpendicular removal that allow for ease of front service. It also incorporates the company’s new, patent pending NanoZ technology that assures exact alignment in the Z axis for all Nixels, e.g. building blocks of NanoLumens displays.

We believe our new solution takes 1.25mm pixel pitch technology to an entirely new level of performance quality while breaking new ground in ease of installation and serviceability,”- said Gary Feather, the company's Chief Technology Officer. “Our tests show that this new display delivers the widest horizontal viewing angle without a shift in color. In fact, it features the highest cd/W of any currently available fine pixel pitch display and provides the lowest operating temperature and longest life for equal brightness.

The display has a brightness of 950 cd/m2 and features power supplies that are entirely fed from the line input, eliminating the need of external power supplies, added conversion loss, and additional fans. The solution was specifically designed for a United States military command and control centers, NanoLumens said and is already available for customers.

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