Macroblock presented new LED driver at LED China

Macroblock highlights the features of a new LED driver at LED China

The company presented its newest energy-efficient LED driver IC MBI5353 at LED China 2017 that took place on the 20th-22nd of September at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

According to Macroblock, the driver features a “smart power saving” function that enables it to decrease electricity consumption of LED displays by reducing power consumption in the black areas of displayed images.

Designed specifically for NPP LED displays, the technology was showcased as a hands-on demonstration in collaboration with Absen and LOPU that provided their fine-pitch LED screens to prove the new driver’s potential.

Within the company’s booth was created a simulation of a control room environment using Absen CR1.5mm LED panels with the optional “smart power saving” function enabled and disabled. The usage of the MBI5353 driver allowed it to decrease the total power consumption of an LED display up to 20%, Macroblock said.

LOPU P0.9mm LED panels were used to demonstrate the advantages of the new driver in a standby mode and when displaying video content. According to Macroblock, enabling of “smart power saving” function allows it to reduce a display's surface temperature by 5℃ and power consumption by 49% when in standby mode and from 17% to 35% when displaying video content.

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