SiliconCore common cathode

SiliconCore builds influence in LED display market with U.S. patents

SiliconCore Technology, the California-based innovator and manufacturer of high-end LED visual solutions, was granted two U.S. patents for its revolutionary approach to LED screen manufacturing. The US 8963811 B2 and US 8963810 B2 patents both titled “LED Display Systems," certify the company’s exclusive rights to the common cathode technology.

The patents cover all architectural elements, required to create a common cathode LED display system, as well as methods of control and access to common cathode LEDs. According to SiliconCore, the common cathode technology provides much more efficient low power solution which generates less heat. This not only increases the display’s lifespan but also allows it to handle a much higher density of LEDs enabling industry-leading pixel pitch solutions (1.5 mm and below). The company’s performance at ISE 2015 proved it perfectly with the 1.2 mm Lavender screen which claimed to be the world’s highest resolution LED display.

"Over the last five years SiliconCore has continuously invested in innovation and, through the patent system, we continue to create and protect the value of technology that has been developed by our world-class engineers," states Eric Li, chair and chief executive of SiliconCore.

"These patent awards allow us to maintain our technology lead in the industry; our on-going focus on research and development and innovation will continue to enhance our intellectual property portfolio."

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