Barco spacebooth at ISE 2015

LED video displays at ISE 2015: full stream ahead!

Stunning, thrilling, all-encompassing, vibrant, absorbing, merging with hi-tech dream and reality. Words can be plenty, but the fact remains sole: ISE is the greatest AV tradeshow in Europe. Being the first in the series of InfoComm events, ISE opens the year, determining recent trends and setting new standards.

While pixel pitch narrowing remains the primary tendency in LED industry, more and more manufacturers give closer attention to image quality, colour rendition, fast and easy LED modules’ assembling and their good-looking design.    

More than 80 exponents presented their products in a LED video displays sector, with AOTO headlining the list with its impressive 8K LED display with recording 24 bit processing depth. Featuring 1.2 mm pixel pitch, the curved display from AOTO became a real highlight of the show. AOTO also launched the 0.75 mm pixel pitch LED video screen, which is currently the highest resolution LED display in the world.

Unilumin presented its latest development the UTV0.8 which is a UHD LED display screen with 0.8 mm pixel pitch. The UTV0.8 video screen has been integrated into command center environment created in Unilumin’s booth to deliver the message of the screen’s best appliance. Having been configured as a seamless 6K video wall, UTV0.8 created a truly immersive visual experience.

Among the innovative technologies displayed by Samsung was the latest LED signage solution. The impressive 133 inch LED display has a 1.1 mm pixel pitch which is currently the smallest in the market. Featuring Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution with 1.5 times as many pixels as Full HD, the highly-visible display affords crystal clear image and is ideal for delivering any messages.

SCT's team at InAVation Awards 2015

SiliconCore Technology showcased 3 main products: 1.5 mm curved Magnolia screen presented as the best choice for simulation and visualization projects; 1.2 mm interactive Lavender screen presented as an ideal solution for close proximity viewing experience; world’s introduction of Orchid Outdoor 1.9 mm display. Finally, SCT presented a combination of multiple displays with anti-moire filters developed mainly for a broadcast market. Apart from this SCT supplied at Crestron booth two 1.5 mm 4K Magnolia screens, which were configured as a single screen with impressive 270 inches diagonal. Totally SiliconCore presented at ISE 2015 amazing 25 million pixels of LED surface

It is worth mentioning that Orchid 1.9 mm pixel pitch LED display was recognized as “Display product of the year 2014” by AV Awards. Also, the SCT’s 1.5 mm Magnolia screen was a winner at InAVation Awards 2015 for “Most InAVative Large Format Display”.

Daktronics, the global sales leader in video display systems, introduced its new show control system developed especially to power digital signage within a large venue. Along with it, to prove failure-safe operation and robustness of Dactronics’ new series of DVX LED outdoor displays, one panel sat immersed in a fish tank during all three days of the tradeshow. 

NanoLumens, Georgia-based US manufacturer of LED video solutions, determined the EMEA region as the company’s major priority in 2015. The company made its entrance to the European professional market with its latest development – the NanoSlim Engage visual solution. It features the 2.5 mm pixel pitch and is claimed to be the world’s first front installable, front serviceable LED video display. Shortly after being unveiled, the NanoSlim Engage was recognized as the Product of the Month by the leading European systems integration magazine, Installation.

Barco showcased a range of innovative products including the X series high-resolution indoor LED walls. Apart from being front accessible and easy to install, Barco’s X series LED screens have a high-quality dimming for perfect operation in dimmed mode and are equipped with a patented locking system. The top-notch screen with 140 inches diagonal and 1.6 mm pixel pitch was installed right at the heart of Barco’s spaceport booth and displayed space theme content.

EKTA at ISE 2015EKTA presented a number of technical solutions with a particular emphasis on image control issues. The video equipment was controlled by multi-functional ERMAC image processing hardware, which is currently the most powerful LED screen all-in-one controller available on the market. EKTA-manufactured LED floor, which is one of the company’s key products, was presented as an optional model with 6mm pixel pitch for delivering HD content

Kindwin from Hong Kong introduced Zircon LED floor that is worth mentioning as a high-quality solution. It's light, almost seamless panels feature record-breaking 7.5mm pixel pitch and are quickly assembled due to user-friendly locking system.   

Summarizing the ISE 2015 experience, we discern the following tendencies in LED screens’ market: pixel pitch narrowing; adoption of 4K resolution; the sheer size; connectivity; interactivity. Pixel pitch of 2 mm and less for indoor and 4-5 mm for outdoor screens becomes normal. And let’s not forget – the “height” of 1.0 mm pixel pitch is officially cleared, opening the way to a new epoch of stunning visual quality of 8K UHD. Meanwhile, the interest to 4K screens keeps on steadily growing, which will lead screen manufacturers to standardize their commercial production to 4K. As for the size, it remains an attention-grabbing advantage in LED screens’ industry, as some of the manufacturers proved by assembling enormous, eye-catching displays in their booths.

LED displays’ manufacturers from Shenzhen who exhibited at ISE 2015 demonstrated significant progress. However, when it comes to quality of images displayed on a screen, there still is a distinct gap between Shenzhen companies and hi-end LED-manufacturers.


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