Record-breaking LED displays: when size matters

Citius - Altius - Fortius. Apart from reflecting the noble spirit of Olympic Games, these Latin words perfectly depict the state of things in our high-tech world. Faster connection. Higher involvement. Stronger leadership. And, strangely enough, in LED video displays industry as well. Front-serviceability and front-installability allow for faster assembling. The resolution gets higher with 4K and 8K already looming ahead. In addition, the visual effects that we are exposed to observing impressive installations are stronger than ever. The limits are pushed further, leaving onlookers thrilled with sizes impossible to ignore. 

Skyscreen in SuzhouAbsolute champions when it comes to dimensions are skyscreens – LED panels installed above walkways and providing a sky-like sense of depth. Unlike obtrusive ad displays, skyscreens are placed in the periphery of our attention. Their unusual location integrates them completely into the environment and creates a soaring aerial canopy and immersive experience. 

The family of skyscreens includes several dazzling installations such as light canopy at , Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; enormous digital panel in the forefront of The Place mall in Beijing, China, etc. The Skydome – the largest of them – is located at Harmony Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park near Shanghai. The Skydome is an ambitious audio-visual installation measuring 500m wide by 32m high and covering impressive 16,000 square meters of airspace. The technology used is transparent mesh with 30 x 35mm pixel pitch manufactured by Optotech. Spanning over one of the largest shopping malls in China the display also provides an advanced lighting for its central walkway. The rich visual effects are synchronized with an audio system to create a truly stunning performance. The images displayed are interchanged with video content highlighting the attractions of the city. Beijing Zhongguang Radio & TV Engineering Installation Corporation performed the installation. 

Burj Khalifa LED facadeKeeping pace with the sky screens are media façades – enormous digital mediums for generative art. Gleaming with colors, media facades are like beacons spreading their illumination far into urban landscapes. A dazzling avalanche of light together with spectacular fireworks lit the 2015 New Year’s night in Dubai when the largest LED façade in the world was put into action. For ten days the world’s highest skyscraper Burj Khalifa turned into giant LED screen composed of 70,000 LED bulbs. Spanning 32,467 square meters, Burj Khalifa surpassed the existing record held by Mall Taman Anggrek in Indonesia, with its LED display area being nearly 3.75 times larger. 

The loss of superiority, however, by no way diminishes the grandness of Indonesian rival. Measuring 353,4 m wide by 25 m high, the LED façade of Mall Taman Anggrek is an iconic landmark of Jakarta. The façade deploys both high (42.5mm pixel pitch), and medium (166mm pixel pitch) resolution LED technologies incorporated into the single digital canvas. The design features angled LED blades to create maximum visibility and provide visual texture. The content represents magnificent pieces of generative art from masters of content creation Casey Reas and Marius Watz, interchanged with spectacular commercials. The project was implemented by , including design, content development and technologies applied. 

The more architectural elements the installation incorporates, the more impressive it becomes. And here large-scale LED façades on Sanya Phoenix Island, China, are second to none. The luxury resort has six sail-shaped skyscrapers whose sleek design is emphasized by transparent LED mesh displays. The technology used is with 125mm pixel pitch. The installation covers 33.000 linear meters totally. With the content designed to flow buildings’ structure around, the whole ensemble represents a breathtaking image glowing with light. 

LED façades Phoenix Island These LED displays top our list of the most fascinating video displays. Breathtaking dimensions along with well-chosen location set them apart from the crowd of video solutions that invaded public spaces. Integrating art and advertising these iconic installations magnetize our attention to the businesses they represent, i.e. luxury shopping malls, high-end hotels, etc. With the high-level quality of visuals, these displays quickly grow to become distinctive landmarks of the cities they belong.

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